Repayment of CDSGs and CDSBs

The 10 Year Rule

When withdrawing funds from an RDSP, it is important to be aware of the 10-year rule. CDSGs and CDSBs received in the 10-year period prior to a disability assistance payment must be repaid to the government. This repayment is known as the Assistance Holdback Amount. As of 2014 the repayment is $3 for every $1 withdrawn.

The purpose of the Assistance Holdback Amount is to ensure that RDSPs are used for long-term savings, and also to ensure that government funds contributed are not withdrawn and used as leverage for matching grants in future years. The same rule applies to grants and bonds received in the 10-year period before death or the cessation of a disability. Grants and bonds received before the 10-year period do not have to be repaid.

It is possible to not request grants or bonds for a period if there is a likelihood a Disability Assistance Payment will be required. Grants and bonds can be restarted after the payment.


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