About Charles

Why Build This Website?

My name is Charles Sandor and I am the creator / webmaster for this website. I am also a disabled person.

So why have I built this RDSP informational website?

I wanted people to have an easy to find, easy to use website which provides those with disabilities the necessary information about the RDSP program.

I found out that I missed out on the opportunity to take advantage of this program simply because I was unaware it existed and more unfortunately, many people who could advise me on financial matters were not aware of it either.

Many Canadian financial institutions offer this program, yet if you go to their websites, it isn’t front and center and you have to drill down into their sites to get information on the program. Many financial advisors at these various institutions know little or nothing about this program.

As a disabled person, you need a financial advisor or an accountant who is aware of all the benefits / programs available to disabled people. You rely on the knowledge they have or rather should have.

I don’t want people with disabilities to miss out they way I did.

I resolved to collect as much information on the RDSP program as I could and put it all together here in one place where this program is front and center for those who need it.

Easy to find, easy to use and easy to understand.

By no means am I an expert on this program. There are financial advisers and accountants / tax lawyers who are aware of this program and have the required knowledge to help an eligible person with a disability get into the program and take full advantage of the benefits you will need to insure your future.

I want my website to be a knowledge resource that will educate and inform disabled people about this important and useful benefit and to then try to connect you with advisors who are knowledgeable about the RDSP Disability Benefit program.

I hope you find this resource helpful and if I have missed any pertinent information that you feel should be added to the website, please feel free to contact me via this form and let me know what I can do to improve this website for you.

My goal here is to provide the best, most informed and up to date information on the RDSP program and to offer you contacts with various financial advisers / accountants / lawyers who are knowledgeable about the RDSP program and who can guide you to making the best choices for you and your family.

You are not alone, we are here to help.


Comment On This Site

      We hope you find this site useful in collecting information about the Registered Disability Savings Plan, as well as the Canada Disability Savings Grant and Canada Disability Savings Bonds.

      If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the website or if we have missed any pertinent info about these plans, please let us know.